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A Case Documentation of An Upper and Lower Immediate Complete Dentures

I have been documenting a bunch of immediate denture cases this year knowing this is what my students do in dental school frequently. After watching all their self reflective videos on their learning in prosthodontics this year, I just want to put another post on immediate dentures on this platform. I know everyone is studying for exams and there will be more coming this year. I hope these pictures will help my students’ learning in some way. Good luck to all my third years on your exams! @uoftdss @uoftdentistry @dentistsofuoft Thank you @crescentoralsurgery @lhmdentalstudios for your help on this case.
I use this case to showcase some basic steps in the fabrication process of making immediate complete dentures. There is a lot of thought process that goes into each clinical step.   In this particular case, after full mouth clearance, I told the oral surgeon to place the implants immediately if appropriate.  He ended up placing all the implants during the surgical phase. At the moment, I have already delivered these immediate dentures.  Currently, I am in the middle of working up the definitive implant supported overdentures for this case.  Stay tuned as I will post the finished case on this platform when completed.  Thanks for taking a look!