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Case Studies

Prosthodontics is really a fascinating branch of dental specialty. This is because the art and science of replacing missing teeth can truly change someone’s life. 

There are far too many people who cannot enjoy their meal because of their missing teeth. There are far too many people who are embarrassed about their smile because of the unpleasant appearance of their teeth. Unfortunately, many of them do not do anything to correct the problem.

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And the number one reason for not doing anything is the unknown. The unknown of what is possible; the unknown of what might be involved, the unknown of how long it may take and what the final result may be. It is reasonable to have these concerns. But the benefit of having your missing teeth replaced or your unpleasant teeth properly corrected can be enormous. It might simply mean the ability to bite into an apple, the ability to enjoy your meal with your friends, or the ability to smile with confidence again.

Therefore, it is my hope that, through these case studies, I can remove some of these unknowns for you. It is my hope that I can demonstrate to you the endless possibilities available. It is my hope that I can show you my passion for prosthodontics. The treatment does not always have to be extensive. It does not always have to be expensive. But it is my goal to show you that prosthodontic treatment is feasible for everyone. The dental treatment can always be customized to suit your comfortable range of time, cost and benefit.

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*Please note that some clinical pictures may be disturbing for the non-dental professionals. Viewers’ discretion is advised.
*All the cases shown are the work of Dr. Leung.