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My Son Needed A Root Canal

As a prosthodontist, two areas that I do not get a lot of exposure are endodontics and paediatric dentistry.  Other than doing deep restorations and post and core, I do not get very close to the canal systems of the patients’ dentition. I refer every single endodontic treatment to my fellow endodontists…including single anterior teeth.  […]

What You Should Know About Recreational Drugs and Your Teeth

  We don’t live in an ideal world.  Sometimes people adopt habits that are really damaging to their teeth.  One such example are people who have developed rampant caries from the use of recreational drugs.  These patients can be rehabilitated with implant overdentures with locators.  The esthetics will be favourable and the prosthesis will be […]

How to Avoid the Dreaded Cavity

women pain in teeth

Kids hate going to the dentist because they fear white lab coats and unfamiliar tools. As adults, many of us also hate going to the dentist because we fear the news the dentist will tell us. While ignorance may be bliss, knowing how to avoid the dreaded cavity will have you looking forward to your next dentist appointment so you can show off your progress!