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Things I Look for before Doing My Anterior Crowns and Veneers

Often when I participate in dental related events, whether it is participating in a study club, getting together with my dental colleagues, or teaching at the dental school, people I interact with know that I am a prosthodontist and they will come ask me about their cases.  Often, they come ask me with similar cases:  […]

Corporate Responsibility of the Milling Centers in the Overall Digital Workflow

Corporate Responsibility of the Milling Centers in the Overall Digital Workflow As a prosthodontist trained almost twenty years ago, I have witnessed the shift from cast restorations from the lost wax technique to milled restoration using digital dentistry.  Honestly, everywhere I go, I am being bombarded by the message of how great digital dentistry is, […]

Catering to your patients’ needs

              Behind every full mouth reconstruction that I planned and treated with a patient is a story that only the patient and I can understand.  As a prosthodontist, I don’t always have the luxury of a built in trust or rapport with the patient that a general dentist may […]

Pre-prosthetic Consideration for Adult Orthodontics

This patient was referred to me after completing orthodontic treatment to address the congenitally missing lateral incisors.  She was told to have the implant treatment or bridge work done as soon as possible after orthodontic treatment is complete. I was not involved in any pre-orthodontic prosthetic planning but I think this would have been be […]

Providing Treatment of Surveyed Crowns and Removable Prosthesis

I think many people underestimate how much work goes into planning a fixed removable combination case.  There are many factors to consider logistically as well as making sure the patient knows what to expect during the process.  For patients needing this type of treatment, they are obviously missing enough teeth that need to have a […]

Design Consideration for an Implant Bar

I must admit, when it comes to designing and fabricating an implant bar, I get a little lazy.  I do all the initial planning, making sure I take a good impression capturing both the implant information and the soft tissue information.  I go through my usual steps for taking jaw relation records, determining where I […]

Thinking Of Pursuing A Specialty Degree In Prosthodontics?

The end of June marks the end of most dental residency programs….or the beginning of a residency program for new residents.  The incoming residents are all excited about their new phase of life ….while the graduating residents can’t wait to embark on their next journey.  Today, I want to talk about what to consider when […]

Introducing Abutment Retrieval Instrument for Implants with Conical Connection

Today I want to talk about this specific instrument I learned about while having to retrieve a broken zirconia abutment.  If you have read some of my previous posts, one of my most read posts has to do with broken implant screw removal.  In my practice, I get referred for many implant related complications and […]

Considerations for Young Patients Requiring Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Treating young patients with missing teeth in the anterior area has very unique challenges.  They can be missing anterior teeth for different reasons, most commonly from trauma or from congenital reasons.  And often times, they are growing physically and learning to manage their emotions as they grow to be responsible young adults. Socially, they want […]

Phasing full mouth rehabilitation into manageable stages for you and the patient

Planning a full mouth reconstruction can be a long journey for both the patient and the dentist. I often will treatment plan the case in several stages. The patient will have to be stabilized with some form of provisional restorations so all the esthetic and occlusal parameters have been worked out. Then I will finish […]