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Finding Love in the Dental Office

Today is Valentine’s Day and I want use this opportunity to share some incredible love stories I have witnessed over the years working as a dentist.  OK. I know!  Who would expect to find love in the dental office?  In fact, most people hate going to the dentists.  But the truth is, from working with […]

Cheek Biting After Posterior Teeth Replacement With Implants

Happy New Year!  I have been really busy the last few months because I accepted a part time teaching position at the University of Toronto.  So between preparing course materials, managing my practice and with two active boys at home, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog entries.  It […]

What You Need to Know about Chairside Implant Attachment Pick up Procedures?

With the increasing use of implants in replacing missing teeth, their use can also be extended to retaining and supporting removable prosthesis.  If the patient already has an existing removable denture, one way is to convert the denture to an implant supported one.  There are many ways to achieve this goal.  You can do that […]

What Is Your Backup Plan For Your Anterior Implant Restoration?

What Is Your Backup Plan For Your Anterior Implant Restoration? I had two interesting cases in the past two months which made me rethink how I should manage my anterior implant cases.  One case involved two implant crowns 11 21 that I restored a few years ago.  The patient is a very busy health care […]

Steps to Simplify Your Implant Supported Restorations

It has been a very cold winter in Toronto this year and many people in my family have been hit with a flu and so my household has not been very festive this holiday season.  In any case, I wish everyone had a great holiday and wish all a great 2018. As a prosthodontist, it […]

Is a Prosthodontic Treatment Right for You?

Woman holding up a picture of a mouth

Everyone loves to laugh. We laugh at jokes, when we are enjoying the company of others, at special occasions, and even when we are all by ourselves observing our pet doing something totally outrageous. Laughing or smiling is the medicine for the soul. Yet there are many individuals who are self-conscious and try to avoid situations where they relax and naturally smile…