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Cavities and Fillings

Cavities are fairly common dental issue, and are typically the result of poor dental hygiene practices. Although cavities are common, if left untreated, they can result in much more serious problems over time.

To prevent further decay from your cavity, we must fill it immediately. A cavity can be filled with a number of compounds, including gold, silver, ceramic, composite and more. In most cases, we recommend that patients receive a composite filling.

What is a Composite Filling?

Composite filings are often preferred by patients as they can be matched to the natural shade of your teeth, and are essentially impossible to detect. Composite fillings are quite durable, and are not abrasive, meaning they will not wear down your other teeth from normal contact.

Why are fillings so important?

By filling your cavity in a timely manner we can effectively prevent any further decay to your tooth. If left untreated, the cavity would destroy your tooth, causing an abscess, and may even lead to bone damage.

How we fill cavities

After selecting the material that you would like your cavity to be filled with, we can then get started on the actual procedure. A cavity filling will require some local anesthetic, and your mouth will feel frozen for a few hours following your appointment. Once your mouth is frozen, we will then:

  • Clean the cavity
  • Fill the cavity
  • Shape the filling
  • Polish the filling

After your appointment, it’s important to be careful when eating, as your mouth will still be frozen for a few hours following the appointment. You should take extra caution when chewing, and to ensure that your food is a safe temperature before eating. When the local anesthetic is still in effect, both hot and cold foods can damage your mouth

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