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Checking Occlusion on Anterior Teeth

Restoring anterior teeth can be more challenging then restoring the posterior teeth. The esthetic demand of your patients adds another dimension to your treatment planning and patient management.

In addition, anterior teeth cannot be altered without consideration to the patient’s occlusal scheme. The principle of form follow function is one that is dear to my heart. One if violated, I will have to pay the price of redoing or repairing my own work.

As a result, I diligently check my centric contacts and my excursive contacts to ensure my prosthesis are in harmony with the rest of the mouth. My trick of a final check is to place my index finger on the buccal surface of the prosthesis while the patient goes in centric and excursive movements. If I don’t feel any movement of teeth (fremitus) on my finger while the patient goes into the various movement, then I am pretty confident the occlusal relationship is adequate.

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