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Combination treatment with dentures and bridges

pp-photo2After years of training on all the latest implant treatment solutions, I find the most challenging cases involve the combination cases using conventional bridges and dentures.  As my instructor once said, they are completely two different types of “animals”.  Trying to combine two types of treatment solution into one patient requires a good understanding of principles in both removable and fixed prosthodontics.

Also unlike full arch prosthetics, we have teeth to consider which can help as retentive and supportive element for the prosthesis but they can also be a hindrance to ideal esthetics if the teeth are not in the right position interfering with ideal occlusal plane and teeth arrangement.

To me, doing a diagnostic wax up is essential to determine how much teeth modification or preparation are required before deciding if the teeth can be used as abutments for either the fixed partial denture or the removable partial denture.