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Delivering Implant Supported Overdenture

When it comes to delivering implant supported overdenture, I find that the retention is so good that my patient and I can have a hard time removing the prosthesis at the insertion visits.

After a couple of frustrating and embarrassing insertion appointments, I changed my protocol now. Instead of placing all the nylon inserts on all the attachments at the insertion visit, I evaluate the retention from the processing caps alone.  If they are quite retentive, I let the patient function with the processing caps for a while so they can get used to wearing the overdenture.  I tell the patient to come back to me when the denture is loose again.  I will then change the processing caps to the nylon inserts.  Even then, I don’t’ change them all at the same time because of the fear that the patient may not be able to remove the prosthesis.

This protocol can be modified based on the position and the angulation of implants, the patient’s dexterity and the desire of what is adequate retention.  I hope you find this information helpful.