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Case 9 – Single Implant Crown

In the picture below, the patient had primary canines (baby teeth) in the position of the permanent canines. The permanent canines were impacted in the jawbone. Orthodontic treatment was performed by Dr. Bruno Venditelli and an attempt has been made to surgically expose the permanent canines.  Unfortunately, the location of the impaction has made the exposure extremely challenging.  The final decision was to align the teeth and provide the appropriate space for the placement of dental implants.


Dr. Robert Eng, an oral surgeon, placed two single dental implants.  They have been placed in the ideal position with the correct angulations.


The case has been restored with two single implant crowns.  This is a case where by three dental specialists were involved in providing the treatment for this patient.  The ideal aesthetic outcome is achieved when the case is properly diagnosed, treatment planned and correctly carried out.