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Phasing full mouth rehabilitation into manageable stages for you and the patient

Planning a full mouth reconstruction can be a long journey for both the patient and the dentist. I often will treatment plan the case in several stages. The patient will have to be stabilized with some form of provisional restorations so all the esthetic and occlusal parameters have been worked out.

Then I will finish one section of the mouth at a time so the margin of errors are less and the treatment becomes much more manageable and predictable for both the dentist and the patient.

Shown here is a case with moderate acid erosion resulting in only anterior teeth in occlusion. The patient has been treatment planned for crowns for six maxillary anterior teeth and posterior mandibular teeth for re-establishing proper occlusal contacts. I have finished the six anterior crowns and the patient has provisional restorations for the posterior mandibular teeth which will be finished at a later time.