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Rome was not built in one day

I don’t ever get new patients coming to me telling me they want all their teeth removed and implants placed.

When they get referred to me, they are usually at a state of severe aesthetic and functional compromise.

My first goal is to educate and to establish trust and to offer some aesthetic and functional improvement.

Sometimes it’s information overload when I try to talk too much at the beginning.  But I have to offer enough so the patient can process the information.

This patient has limited funds.  He was not quite ready to extract all his teeth at the beginning.  But eventually, he came back and realized that is the most sensible solution.

I eventually placed four implants in each arch planned for stud supported overdentures to restore aesthetic and function.  To me Rome was never built in one day.  It takes efforts and patience before I can turn a patient around.  Not all patients are ready. And that’s ok too.

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