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Securing Your Trial Denture Bases (Recording Bases)

Whether you are dealing with a fully edentulous patient or a partially edentulous patient, you may at times need to fabricate an occlusion rim for your jaw relation record.  Your occlusion rim will be supported by a trial denture base or recording base that should be rigid, accurate and stable.

Unfortunately, the common methods of making these trial denture base or recording bases require block out of undercuts and can make the denture bases quite unretentive.  This can in turn affect the ability to obtain an accurate jaw relation record.

Fortunately, there are ways we can improve the fit and the  retention of the trial denture bases during this appointment.

The most common method I use is simply to put some denture adhesive or chairside soft liner  on the intaglio surface during this appointment to make the trial denture bases a bit more retentive.









I have at times used a trial denture base incorporating all the soft tissue undercut and the posterior palatal seal with pink wax on the intaglio surface making it very stable and retentive base.

Literature has also suggested using a processed base so it will incorporate all the detail of the impression offering the most optimal intaglio surface for the base.

Another method I have tried is to incorporate soft tissue undercut areas using soft liner polymer and monomer as the first layer and then incorporating the regular auto polymerizing resin polymer and monomer as the second layer using the traditional sprinkle-on method when making your recording bases.








If you have implants, you can use non-engaging temporary abutment to be incorporated into the recording bases to help support and retain your trial denture base.








Finally, some implant companies make  bite registration aids to help support and retain your trial jaw relation record.









All the methods come with their advantages and disadvantages.  Some take more time to fabricate…others take up space you would have wanted for the teeth set up.  But they all can make your life a bit easier during this jaw relation record appointment.

I hope you find this information useful.  Thanks for reading!