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Sedation Dentistry

At Dr. Beatrice Leung Dentistry we use sedation dentistry for patients who are undergoing complicated prosthodontic procedures, as well as for patients who are experiencing anxiety about a regular procedure. 

Benefits of sedation dentistry

For some of the more complicated prosthodontic procedures we perform, it’s not uncommon for us to be working on a patient for hours at a time. In many of these cases, patients will elect for some form of sedation.

The experienced effects of sedation will vary greatly depending on the type of sedation used. Light sedation, for example, will simply allow you to feel more relaxed, and comfortable throughout your procedure. Alternatively, stronger forms of sedation will induce sleeping. Most patients report that even with light sedation, their appointment felt like it went by much faster than usual.

You always have the right to undergo your procedure without sedation, however, where recommended, sedation can make your experience much more comfortable.

What is sedation like?

There are many different types and degrees of sedation which will greatly alter the effects experienced. Light sedation, such as nitrous oxide for example, will cause you to feel calm and relaxed. Under light sedation, patients will be permitted to drive home. With heavier types of sedation, like general anesthesia, you will be completely unconscious throughout your appointment. After any form of sedation other than light sedation, you will not be permitted to drive home. This, as well as any other specific details will be explained to you thoroughly before your procedure, allowing you to plan accordingly.

It’s important to note that with sedation dentistry, we still administer any local anesthetic that would have been used for your procedure without sedation. This means that your mouth will still feel frozen for a few hours following your procedure.

Who is sedation for?

For some lengthy procedures, we will strongly recommend sedation dentistry for our patients. We may also recommend sedation dentistry for patients who are especially nervous about a particular procedure. Some of the circumstances that regularly warrant sedation in our office include:

  • Long and extensive procedures
  • Patients with sensitive teeth
  • Patients with anxiety
  • Patients who have trouble sitting still

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Sedation dentistry is considered very safe, and is an effective way for patients suffering from anxiety to maintain positive dental hygiene. If you think sedation dentistry might be right for you, please give us a call. You can reach us at 416.927.9085, or by visiting our Toronto office. Our address, office hours, and appointment information can all be found on our contact page.