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Pre-prosthetic Consideration for Adult Orthodontics

This patient was referred to me after completing orthodontic treatment to address the congenitally missing lateral incisors.  She was told to have the implant treatment or bridge work done as soon as possible after orthodontic treatment is complete. I was not involved in any pre-orthodontic prosthetic planning but I think this would have been be […]

Providing Treatment of Surveyed Crowns and Removable Prosthesis

I think many people underestimate how much work goes into planning a fixed removable combination case.  There are many factors to consider logistically as well as making sure the patient knows what to expect during the process.  For patients needing this type of treatment, they are obviously missing enough teeth that need to have a […]

What is the Phase 1 of Your Prosthodontic Treatment Plan?

In treatment planning, the concept of phasing your treatment is not new. For example, in periodontics, after the initial examination and diagnosis, phase 1 therapy often involves a sanative phase of basic scaling and root planning, a review of oral hygiene and an identification and modification of risks factors. The goal is to remove all […]

When Do I Decide to Order A CT Scan?

I love the summer. It’s one of the seasons that I can enjoy the outdoors. It is also one of the seasons that many of my out of town friends tend to come back to Toronto for a visit and so many great get-togethers are happening this year. So I apologize for the lack of […]

Diagnostic Wax Up and Tooth Set Up: A Valuable Skill in Prosthetic Dentistry

Going through a prosthodontic residency program at the University of Pittsburgh, I was pretty lucky that I was exposed to a wide variety of prosthodontists, scientists and surgeons trained with different background and philosophies.  Also, fortunately, my program director, Dr. John (Yahia) Ismail had given me the freedom and provided the support to allow me […]