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Reflecting on This Maxillary Reconstruction

When this patient first presented to me, she just turned sixteen.   The mom says she has been having bondings on her teeth to mask the yellow discoloration resulting from a genetic condition that led to an abnormal development of the dentinal structure.  She understands that many of her teeth will need crowns and at the […]

Butterflies in the Stomach

Butterflies in the Stomach   I just saw this full mouth rehab that I did more than ten years ago for a follow up.  I don’t know about you guys but I always get butterflies in the stomach when I see these patients on the schedule…. Once a year, I get to evaluate my own […]

Form follows function?  Do I really know what it means?

Form follows function?  Do I really know what it means? Apparently not!  I hear this phrase all the time when I was in graduate school.  But I really didn’t appreciate its meaning until  I see enough of my own anterior restorations failing and breaking.  It is really about understanding what is anterior guidance for that […]

Squeezing Through a Tight Space (Tight Interproximal Contact)

Many years ago when I was teaching in the Grad Prosthodontic clinic, I saw a fixed case that the resident was going to try in and I quickly made a comment that the bridge had tight contacts.  And the resident immediately asked me how I can tell that it had tight contacts.  And my response […]

This Case Exceeded My Expectation!

This case was completed a few years ago.  I learned a lot while doing this case.  I learned even more following up on this case years later.  When this patient came to me, she had a lot of issues. To name a few, she had an occlusal problem with a large CR/MIP discrepancy, a set […]

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered This is something I keep seeing at the dental school….the implant crowns that are delivered  by the dental students few days or few months after get loose.  This is not something I see in my own cases.  It can be due to a lot of […]

Witnessing my Own Failures

Witnessing my Own Failures As a prostho resident, you never get to see your own follow up.  So all those beautiful cases you did during your training will tell you nothing about long term follow up.  One of my instructors in Grad Pros residency says if you want to have 100% success in your treatment, […]