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Butterflies in the Stomach

Butterflies in the Stomach   I just saw this full mouth rehab that I did more than ten years ago for a follow up.  I don’t know about you guys but I always get butterflies in the stomach when I see these patients on the schedule…. Once a year, I get to evaluate my own […]

Does your crown fall out of your die easily?

I have completed this case many years ago.  But I never had the time to organize my pictures to showcase the steps taken.    But looking at this completed case almost  nine years later, you can see how I have completed my mandibular reconstruction first using cast based PFM restorations.  Then when I completed the […]

“If You Fail To Plan, You Are Planning To Fail.”

I did not understand about diagnostic planning until I was in graduate school.  But to me, this is a fundamental concept that should be understood at all levels amongst all dental practitioners, generalists or specialists.  It is a diagnostic step that can change the treatment plan entirely and helps the patient decide what treatment solutions […]

Implant Planning and Treatment for Maxillary Partial Edentulism

Please follow me on this maxillary reconstruction.  This patient told me he had a bridge made as a teenager and he broke it within one week of function.   I know from looking at his occlusal scheme, it will be tough to establish something that is both functional and aesthetic.  I know I have to test […]

The Relevance of a Facebow in Today’s Dental Education

I remember reading the definition of a facebow many times both in dental school and in graduate school.  The definition was actually very confusing and it always took me awhile before I can see it in my mind how this piece of caliper works in the head and in the mouth.  Then almost always people […]