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The Things I would tell my Younger Self

A recent Facebook post reminded me that I moved back to Toronto seventeen years ago….which means I started my prosthodontic residency in Pittsburgh twenty years ago. I started going through some pictures of my graduation to remind me of what mindset I was like at that stage in my life.  I found this one picture […]

Does your crown fall out of your die easily?

I have completed this case many years ago.  But I never had the time to organize my pictures to showcase the steps taken.    But looking at this completed case almost  nine years later, you can see how I have completed my mandibular reconstruction first using cast based PFM restorations.  Then when I completed the […]

“If You Fail To Plan, You Are Planning To Fail.”

I did not understand about diagnostic planning until I was in graduate school.  But to me, this is a fundamental concept that should be understood at all levels amongst all dental practitioners, generalists or specialists.  It is a diagnostic step that can change the treatment plan entirely and helps the patient decide what treatment solutions […]

Implant Planning and Treatment for Maxillary Partial Edentulism

Please follow me on this maxillary reconstruction.  This patient told me he had a bridge made as a teenager and he broke it within one week of function.   I know from looking at his occlusal scheme, it will be tough to establish something that is both functional and aesthetic.  I know I have to test […]

The Relevance of a Facebow in Today’s Dental Education

I remember reading the definition of a facebow many times both in dental school and in graduate school.  The definition was actually very confusing and it always took me awhile before I can see it in my mind how this piece of caliper works in the head and in the mouth.  Then almost always people […]

Border Moulding Is Like Doing Your Kumon Homework

Recently, I had a virtual meeting with the owner of a local Kumon learning Centre.  The purpose of this meeting was to see if my two kids should join their program in order to enhance their learning in English and Math.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Kumon method of learning, […]

My Version of All on Four Treatment

All on Four treatment is a treatment concept that aims to provide a fixed full arch treatment on the day of surgery.  It has been around for at least a decade and I must admit I am not a big fan of this treatment solution initially.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is a wonderful solution […]

This Case Exceeded My Expectation!

This case was completed a few years ago.  I learned a lot while doing this case.  I learned even more following up on this case years later.  When this patient came to me, she had a lot of issues. To name a few, she had an occlusal problem with a large CR/MIP discrepancy, a set […]

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered This is something I keep seeing at the dental school….the implant crowns that are delivered  by the dental students few days or few months after get loose.  This is not something I see in my own cases.  It can be due to a lot of […]

Witnessing my Own Failures

Witnessing my Own Failures As a prostho resident, you never get to see your own follow up.  So all those beautiful cases you did during your training will tell you nothing about long term follow up.  One of my instructors in Grad Pros residency says if you want to have 100% success in your treatment, […]