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Introducing Abutment Retrieval Instrument for Implants with Conical Connection

Today I want to talk about this specific instrument I learned about while having to retrieve a broken zirconia abutment.  If you have read some of my previous posts, one of my most read posts has to do with broken implant screw removal.  In my practice, I get referred for many implant related complications and […]

Considerations for Young Patients Requiring Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Treating young patients with missing teeth in the anterior area has very unique challenges.  They can be missing anterior teeth for different reasons, most commonly from trauma or from congenital reasons.  And often times, they are growing physically and learning to manage their emotions as they grow to be responsible young adults. Socially, they want […]

Unusual Method of Retrieving a Locked Implant Denture

When I was in first year prosthodontic residency, one of my mentors said to us as residents, that before we graduate, all of us will have lock our dentures once while picking up the attachments chairside.    Well somehow I managed to never lock a denture during my three year residency picking up attachments.  I knew […]

Finding Love in the Dental Office

Today is Valentine’s Day and I want use this opportunity to share some incredible love stories I have witnessed over the years working as a dentist.  OK. I know!  Who would expect to find love in the dental office?  In fact, most people hate going to the dentists.  But the truth is, from working with […]