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A Very Difficult Cast RPD….

  With today’s technology and materials, when I see a compromised dentition, It is always easy to think of many treatment possibilities.  Whether it is full mouth clearance and to consider one of the implant supported solutions or to save all teeth and to plan and perform a full mouth reconstruction, there are many ways […]

How I go from here to there…

This is just a case I want to document to share with my colleagues of the clinical steps I actually took to complete this case.  I ended up doing eight porcelain crowns on the six maxillary anterior teeth and two mandibular canines and four composite bondings of the lower anterior teeth.  My thought process was […]

It’s Going to Bite You!

It’s Going to Bite You! I think there is a lot of advancement in dentistry over the last 100 years.  We have learned so much on how to prepare teeth, how to restore teeth or how to take impression and more?  But somehow, when it comes to taking a jaw relation record, especially in dental […]

Abutment Selection in Restoring Implants

Abutment Selection in Restoring Implants What types of abutments should I use?  This question has come up several times from my students on the topic of implant dentistry and I want to share my thought process I have when it comes to restoring dental implants. First, there are stock abutments and there are custom abutments.  […]

My Surgical Training in Implant Placement

I was recently approached by a student that he is interested in pursuing prosthodontics as a specialty and asked me about the surgical training during my residency.  He also told me that he is aware that some prosthodontists do their own surgeries and some do not. He wants to know if he should be considering […]

Form follows function?  Do I really know what it means?

Form follows function?  Do I really know what it means? Apparently not!  I hear this phrase all the time when I was in graduate school.  But I really didn’t appreciate its meaning until  I see enough of my own anterior restorations failing and breaking.  It is really about understanding what is anterior guidance for that […]

The Mindset to Successful Learning

The Mindset to Successful Learning Several things happened this week that made me smile.  My colleague and I were reviewing some cases with a student and I remembered him as a bright student asking really good questions from my lectures.  And he came to us with well mounted models, waxed up teeth and ready to […]

I had the Impostor Syndrome

I was recently invited to participate in an Instagram Takeover for the Women in Dentistry at the University of Toronto where I shared a day of my private practice life to the dental students.  I had prepared different content to be released  that day and  I tried to select different aspect of my life: a […]

Patients with Terminal Dentition

I see a lot of patients with terminal dentition.  Their teeth have gone through several generations of dentistry and finally the dentistry has failed and require more dentistry.  It’s not that these patients haven’t had extensive dentistry before.  They are familiar with what dentistry has to offer and the costs behind it.  But often times […]

Squeezing Through a Tight Space (Tight Interproximal Contact)

Many years ago when I was teaching in the Grad Prosthodontic clinic, I saw a fixed case that the resident was going to try in and I quickly made a comment that the bridge had tight contacts.  And the resident immediately asked me how I can tell that it had tight contacts.  And my response […]