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Prosthetically Driven Implant Dentistry: Are we really doing that?

Prosthetically driven implant dentistry is a term I have heard for the last twenty years. We should be aiming to place the implants where the teeth are but not where the bone is. We should be planning carefully so the implants are placed in a way that the prosthesis will be strong, functional, hygienic and […]

Don’t Skip The Verification Step

Don’t Skip The Verification Step For long span partially or fully edentulous cases involving implants, I always verify my model before making a definitive prosthesis.  In my mind, anything more than two or three units would require a verification step. This is especially important when you are connecting the implants in your prosthesis… Historically, there […]

Rome was not built in one day

I don’t ever get new patients coming to me telling me they want all their teeth removed and implants placed. When they get referred to me, they are usually at a state of severe aesthetic and functional compromise. My first goal is to educate and to establish trust and to offer some aesthetic and functional […]