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How Do Multiunit Abutments Work?

Whether you are learning how to do full arch implant solution involving the use of multi-unit abutments, or you have a prosthetic complication from a patient who has multiunit abutments as part of the prosthetic design, I hope this video and the pictures will come in handy to help you figure out how these parts […]

My Logic of Doing Things in This Sequence

Obtaining jaw relation records for full arch implant therapy is nothing more than the usual steps that we do for complete dentures.  Ultimately, we have to determine where to arrange the teeth in the oral cavity that would look good aesthetically and function well occlusally for the patient. What makes this step different from a […]

A Case Documentation of An Upper and Lower Immediate Complete Dentures

I have been documenting a bunch of immediate denture cases this year knowing this is what my students do in dental school frequently. After watching all their self reflective videos on their learning in prosthodontics this year, I just want to put another post on immediate dentures on this platform. I know everyone is studying […]

Securing Your Trial Denture Bases (Recording Bases)

Whether you are dealing with a fully edentulous patient or a partially edentulous patient, you may at times need to fabricate an occlusion rim for your jaw relation record.  Your occlusion rim will be supported by a trial denture base or recording base that should be rigid, accurate and stable. Unfortunately, the common methods of […]

Deconstructing the Steps in Inserting an Implant Overdenture

Over the years, delivering an implant supported overdenture carries a bit of apprehension on my end. If I pick up the attachments chairside, will the denture be stuck in the mouth? If I take an impression, will there be errors during the fabrication process that not all of the attachments will be engaged? For me, […]

What are Occlusion Rims?

Back to basics….when my patient has many missing teeth or teeth that have been badly broken down, I don’t rely on the remaining teeth to support the jaw relation record. I need a substitute to support the jaw relation record. I need something to stabilize the models from falling over during mounting. I need to […]