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How I Find CR (Centric Relation)

How I find CR… I remember finding CR was something I was not comfortable with in dental school.  After graduate school and finally practicing for a few years, I developed a way to find CR that embraces the concepts of graphic tracings.  Although I don’t do much pantographic tracing or use these fancy instruments for […]

May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You As dentists, we work with our hands everyday to fix things in the mouth.  The two most common diseases that can destroy the mouth are dental caries and the periodontal disease.  However, I think we don’t spend enough time understanding the forces in the mouth.  These forces can be […]

Occlusal Considerations in Implant Restorations

Whenever there is a prosthetic complication in implant restorations, it can be frustrating for both the dentist and the patient. I started my initial post with describing how I deal with broken implant screws. Then I followed up with a post describing possible causes for broken screws as they relate more specifically to single tooth […]