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This Case Exceeded My Expectation!

This case was completed a few years ago.  I learned a lot while doing this case.  I learned even more following up on this case years later.  When this patient came to me, she had a lot of issues. To name a few, she had an occlusal problem with a large CR/MIP discrepancy, a set […]

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered

My implant crown got loose soon after it got delivered This is something I keep seeing at the dental school….the implant crowns that are delivered  by the dental students few days or few months after get loose.  This is not something I see in my own cases.  It can be due to a lot of […]

Witnessing my Own Failures

Witnessing my Own Failures As a prostho resident, you never get to see your own follow up.  So all those beautiful cases you did during your training will tell you nothing about long term follow up.  One of my instructors in Grad Pros residency says if you want to have 100% success in your treatment, […]

What is Going Through My Mind As I Approach This Anterior Reconstruction?

What is Going Through My Mind As I Approach This Anterior Reconstruction? This case had a lot of pre-prosthetic planning, exploring various treatment options. We planned with a diagnostic wax up and a surgical stent was fabricated. Dr. Sari Hershenfield did the surgical phase and had these implants in really good positions. This patient also […]

The First Implant I placed was a Branemark MK3 Implant

The first implant I placed was a Branemark MK3 implant, which was an external hex implant.  This was in 2002, almost two decades ago.  At the time, I had to learn so many different screw drivers because the company had a driver for so many different prosthetic components.  There was a driver specifically for the […]

Finding Love in the Dental Office

Today is Valentine’s Day and I want use this opportunity to share some incredible love stories I have witnessed over the years working as a dentist.  OK. I know!  Who would expect to find love in the dental office?  In fact, most people hate going to the dentists.  But the truth is, from working with […]

Cheek Biting After Posterior Teeth Replacement With Implants

Happy New Year!  I have been really busy the last few months because I accepted a part time teaching position at the University of Toronto.  So between preparing course materials, managing my practice and with two active boys at home, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog entries.  It […]

The Power of Acrylic Dentures

As a prosthodontist, many people really have no idea what I do. However, when I say that I am a dentist, then they know that I look at teeth. But what I really like to tell them is that I change peoples’ life by giving them back their smile, by restoring their self-esteem and allowing […]

Implant Restoration in the Anterior Esthetic Zone

Whether it is from trauma, infection or congenital reason, when front teeth are missing or non restorable, unlike any other area, there is a strong desire for the patient to replace them.  And many times, the most suitable treatment option often involves the use of dental implants. To me, delivering a predictable and esthetic dental implant restoration is […]