How I Managed This Broken Screw

One of the more common implant complications is broken implant screws. This was a simple case to manage but I decided to document every step and share the thought process here. I hope some of my colleagues will find this helpful in managing this common prosthetic implant complication. Special thanks to the team at Shaw […]

Some Fundamental Steps in Full Arch Implant Therapy

I did this case  more than 10 years ago of a full mandibular implant reconstruction. A little dated but it is still showcasing some fundamental steps in implant dentistry. I will be discussing more in-depth the why and the how for the more advanced prosthetic implant cases offered through EDropin.         […]

Four Things I Think About When Planning For Implant Assisted RPDs

Four Things I Think About When Planning For Implant Assisted RPDs Implant Assisted RPD can be a great option for patients with multiple missing teeth on limited budget.  However, when planning for these type of cases, there are many things to consider….sometimes the benefits of RPD with clasps don’t always work the same way mechanically […]

How I Find CR (Centric Relation)

How I find CR… I remember finding CR was something I was not comfortable with in dental school.  After graduate school and finally practicing for a few years, I developed a way to find CR that embraces the concepts of graphic tracings.  Although I don’t do much pantographic tracing or use these fancy instruments for […]

Do You Really Need to Use a Custom Tray?

Do You Really Need to Use a Custom Tray? Every year, I get repeated questions about the significance of using custom trays.  At the dental school, for removable cases, fixed cases and even implant cases, the students are required to fabricate custom trays for the final impression procedures. Unfortunately, there is a learning curve to […]

Butterflies in the Stomach

Butterflies in the Stomach   I just saw this full mouth rehab that I did more than ten years ago for a follow up.  I don’t know about you guys but I always get butterflies in the stomach when I see these patients on the schedule…. Once a year, I get to evaluate my own […]