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A Very Difficult Cast RPD….

  With today’s technology and materials, when I see a compromised dentition, It is always easy to think of many treatment possibilities.  Whether it is full mouth clearance and to consider one of the implant supported solutions or to save all teeth and to plan and perform a full mouth reconstruction, there are many ways […]

My Intra-oral Surveyor

Tooth preparation for RPD does not receive the same attention and detail as tooth preparation for fixed restoration.  There has been so much written about the type of burs used and how to achieve the ideal preparation for fixed restoration.  But when it comes to tooth preparation for RPD, most of the materials are focused […]

Understanding Indirect Retention in RPD Design

For the longest time, I had trouble understanding indirect retention in RPD design.  And I don’t think I was the only one.  Even today, looking at most of the Kennedy Class I RPD designs, one of the most often forgotten element is indirect retention.  This is part of a video I have made for my […]

This Case Exceeded My Expectation!

This case was completed a few years ago.  I learned a lot while doing this case.  I learned even more following up on this case years later.  When this patient came to me, she had a lot of issues. To name a few, she had an occlusal problem with a large CR/MIP discrepancy, a set […]

Providing Treatment of Surveyed Crowns and Removable Prosthesis

I think many people underestimate how much work goes into planning a fixed removable combination case.  There are many factors to consider logistically as well as making sure the patient knows what to expect during the process.  For patients needing this type of treatment, they are obviously missing enough teeth that need to have a […]