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How to Plan and Execute a Partial Denture Reline and Repair

Many dental colleagues have reached out to me privately where their denture reline has gone wrong.  I decide to document this simple case of denture reline and repair and share the thought process and techniques I used to manage this case successfully.  I hope you find the information here useful.  Please share if you like […]

A Very Difficult Cast RPD….

  With today’s technology and materials, when I see a compromised dentition, It is always easy to think of many treatment possibilities.  Whether it is full mouth clearance and to consider one of the implant supported solutions or to save all teeth and to plan and perform a full mouth reconstruction, there are many ways […]

Do You Really Need to Use a Custom Tray?

Do You Really Need to Use a Custom Tray? Every year, I get repeated questions about the significance of using custom trays.  At the dental school, for removable cases, fixed cases and even implant cases, the students are required to fabricate custom trays for the final impression procedures. Unfortunately, there is a learning curve to […]

Butterflies in the Stomach

Butterflies in the Stomach   I just saw this full mouth rehab that I did more than ten years ago for a follow up.  I don’t know about you guys but I always get butterflies in the stomach when I see these patients on the schedule…. Once a year, I get to evaluate my own […]

Rome was not built in one day

I don’t ever get new patients coming to me telling me they want all their teeth removed and implants placed. When they get referred to me, they are usually at a state of severe aesthetic and functional compromise. My first goal is to educate and to establish trust and to offer some aesthetic and functional […]

Understanding Your Borders

Understanding your borders Just because you took the time to do border moulding doesn’t mean that you actually capture the borders correctly.  And that is perhaps the reason why many despise the border moulding steps or they believe it is not necessary. Border moulding with compound sticks is an art, much like the art of […]