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Things I Look for before Doing My Anterior Crowns and Veneers

Often when I participate in dental related events, whether it is participating in a study club, getting together with my dental colleagues, or teaching at the dental school, people I interact with know that I am a prosthodontist and they will come ask me about their cases.  Often, they come ask me with similar cases:  […]

Corporate Responsibility of the Milling Centers in the Overall Digital Workflow

Corporate Responsibility of the Milling Centers in the Overall Digital Workflow As a prosthodontist trained almost twenty years ago, I have witnessed the shift from cast restorations from the lost wax technique to milled restoration using digital dentistry.  Honestly, everywhere I go, I am being bombarded by the message of how great digital dentistry is, […]

Catering to your patients’ needs

              Behind every full mouth reconstruction that I planned and treated with a patient is a story that only the patient and I can understand.  As a prosthodontist, I don’t always have the luxury of a built in trust or rapport with the patient that a general dentist may […]

Grateful To Have This Mentor In My Life

Being in the spirit of the upcoming American Thanksgiving, I want to dedicate this post to one of the people who have inspired me professionally and made me the prosthodontist I am today.  This person is Professor John (Yahia) Ismail.    Dr. John Ismail was the head of the department and the program director of […]

What is the Phase 1 of Your Prosthodontic Treatment Plan?

In treatment planning, the concept of phasing your treatment is not new. For example, in periodontics, after the initial examination and diagnosis, phase 1 therapy often involves a sanative phase of basic scaling and root planning, a review of oral hygiene and an identification and modification of risks factors. The goal is to remove all […]