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The Power of A Smile

Recently, I was reminded again how fortunate I am to be in a position to change people’s lives.  This patient was very shy when she first came to see me.  During the first examination,  I immediately understood the possible reason behind her timid behaviour.  With a front tooth looking so badly discolored, she may not have the confidence to go out to interact with people.

I prepared a treatment plan and outlined the steps and quickly started treatment.  I started her with a round of at-home whitening.  Then I got her back to evaluate the structure of the tooth and placed a temporary crown.  I worked hard in creating a temporary crown that would be as natural as possible.  While the temporary crown is still not perfect in many ways, I knew she would be pleased to see the improvement already.  The next time when she came in, she had no issue with the temporary crown and was pleased with the overall contour and shape.  I was ready to take the final impression.

What was really satisfying to see was the big change in her personality.  She became a lot more outgoing and much more confident in interacting with us.

I really enjoyed doing these cases….because I feel like I can help people give them back the much needed confidence…to allow them to be person they want to be.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of a smile…. A beautiful smile can change someone’s life!


In two hours, I transformed her front teeth into temporary crowns, which were later replaced with beautiful porcelain crowns.