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Tips for Getting a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Pearly white teeth are a sign of youth, beauty and good health. There are many factors that can contribute to the staining of your teeth including, age, diet and poor oral hygiene. Want to get your teeth looking their brightest? It’s easy! Just follow these simple tips.

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables

Keep your teeth cleaner and whiter naturally by incorporating lots of crunchy fruits and vegetables into your diet. Foods like apples, carrots and celery have a natural abrasiveness that helps to remove surface stains without causing harmful damage to your enamel. Foods that promote saliva production are also great for keeping your smile bright. Saliva neutralizes acids in your mouth that can lead to tooth decay.

Avoid foods that stain

To keep teeth looking their brightest, limit the consumption of drinks that can stain your teeth like coffee, red wine, dark teas or pop. If you choose to drink one of these beverages, try to use a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth. Foods that are richly pigmented like blueberries, blackberries or beets can also stain your teeth. Instead of limiting your portion of these healthy foods, just brush your teeth or rinse your mouth immediately after eating.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to stain your smile. The stains caused by tobacco are deeper set; tobacco penetrates the porous surface of the enamel. Since these stains are deeper, brushing alone cannot remove them. The more time you spend smoking, the darker they become and the harder they are to remove.

Woman flossingBrush and floss regularly

Good oral hygiene is one of the most basic and effective ways to maintain a healthy brighter smile. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar that stains can adhere to. To enhance the effects of your brushing, add in some whitening toothpaste to your routine. Many of the products available today contain chemicals, mild abrasives and polishing agents that are capable of effectively removing surface stains from your teeth.

Invest in professional whitening

You should proceed with caution when it comes to whitening your teeth at home. There are many safe and effective products you can buy, but be sure to follow the instructions and to not abuse these products. For best results, have your teeth whitened professionally by a doctor, especially if you have preexisting veneers or bonding. We can help you achieve results that are best suited for your smile.

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