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What are Occlusion Rims?

Back to basics….when my patient has many missing teeth or teeth that have been badly broken down, I don’t rely on the remaining teeth to support the jaw relation record. I need a substitute to support the jaw relation record. I need something to stabilize the models from falling over during mounting. I need to identify where I envision my replacement teeth to be positioned in the arch. I need a set of occlusion rims.

Occlusion rims come in all shapes and forms depending on the location of the missing teeth. They need to be made on record bases that do not deform. They need to be fabricated on the same models you will be using for mounting. These occlusion rims are not transferable between models even if they are made from the same patient.

This is the first step in performing any good diagnostic mounting….a critical step to evaluate occlusal relationship and to plan out any prosthetic treatment. I hope you find this information helpful. Thanks for reading.

I hope you find this information helpful.  Thanks for reading.