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What is Going Through My Mind As I Approach This Anterior Reconstruction?

What is Going Through My Mind As I Approach This Anterior Reconstruction?

This case had a lot of pre-prosthetic planning, exploring various treatment options. We planned with a diagnostic wax up and a surgical stent was fabricated. Dr. Sari Hershenfield did the surgical phase and had these implants in really good positions. This patient also had implants treatment planned in 24 and 26 area which will be restored with an implant bridge.

When it comes to my turn to get the anterior prosthesis ready, it is not as simple as taking the final impression and then asking the lab to make me some teeth. In my mind, I have three areas to consider.

1/Verification jig -Since I will be splinting the implants and knowing the span length and the arch configuration, I need to verify the accuracy of my models. Verification index is a must. In fact, I wasn’t planning to verify my cast until I work out the temporary bridge, but I had hardware complications in my temporary bridge which later I realized i should have used a verified master cast even for making my temporary bridge.

2/Aesthetic evaluation-Making a temporary bridge is also a must. This allows me to objectively evaluate the patient’s aesthetic expectations. What he likes and what he does not like. Find that out now before you make the final prosthesis.

3/Functional consideration. This is the part the patient has no idea how his jaw moves. You have to figure out his protrusive movement and excursive movement to make sure your prosthesis allows these movements. Otherwise your prosthesis may fracture.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Thanks for reading.